We want to go a step further in fashion using only recycled materials, that we give them a second life, or biodegradable materials. All of our leathers and chains are biodegrables, so when our product stops giving the desired service, we will not produce more waste.

If we had to define MAGAVICA in three words, they would be: Sustainability, Craft and Innovation. All the materials we use are sustainable, our production is entirely handmade and we use innovative techniques such as 3D machines to print our exclusives chains

María García de Vinuesa Cáceres
Founder of MAGAVICA

María García de Vinuesa Cáceres

We are sustainable

We want to take care of our planet, so all our accessories are made of biodegradable leathers or recycled materials.

Handmade in Spain

We are handcrafted in Spain and we are proud of it.

Secure payment

You can pay your purchases with Visa, Mastercard and Paypal in a totally secure way.

Receive your order in 48/72 hours (Spain only)

Once the payment of your order is confirmed, it will take you to receive it at the chosen address between 48 and 72 hours. To know more abou it just write to info@magavica.com