All of our leathers are from EU, of animals that have previously been used for food consumption. They haven´t contaminated in their manufacture, nor in the final cycle of their lives will contaminate and, being also biodegradable. That’s mean once turned into waste, nature will be able to over the years converting that residue into nutrients.

The fabrics we use in our collections are always recycled fabrics, obtained through the recycling of polyester, cotton, plastics and even bottles.

Our bags accessories are 3D printed in Bilbao and is made of PLA. The PLA is a thermoplastic that obtains from 100% renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, wheat and other products rich in starch. This material is not only biodegradable, it´s compostable, this means that the discarded materials can be converted through the action of man in compost, an organic fertilizer.

MAGAVICA wants to take care that all the details follow their environmental care philosophy. The boxes are made of recycled cardboard; the tissue paper that wraps and protects the product is also recycled and is also closed with a vegan sticker composed of 100% mineral and vegetable components. Your purchase will carry a dust bag of to store the bag when you don´t use it, it is made with cotton certified by the Aitex Textile Institute as fibers of vegetable origin, so they are completely natural.

All our advertising material such as cards, catalogs and flyers are also made with recycled paper.